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I’m Stephen Grebinski, an arts educator, photographer, and UX designer currently based in Pittsburgh, PA. I’m excited about the democracy of design; the way the digital can overcome the physical limits of our daily lives and create new experiences.

These experiences can be equalizing and inclusive, and in a field that welcomes, and even demands so many different viewpoints, we have such a great privilege to advocate for our users, and serve as tech’s conscience. If we start with empathetic design and listen to our users, we can design a successful product from the start.

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My Career so far:

I've done a little bit of everything, from doorman, dairy clerk, cemetery tour guide, to university professor. My most recent role involved running a dye sublimation production lab for a boutique bicycle gear company in Pittsburgh.

I've recently completed the UX Design program at Thinkful, which has allowed me to build upon my past experiences and education in a way that brings together everything.

I currently am a board member of Public in Public artist collective in Pittsburgh and founding member of Misfeed Press, a community zine and printmaking space focusing on Risograph and Ditto Machine printing.

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